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Amanita Mushroom

Page history last edited by annihilate 9 years, 11 months ago

Increases the turns of a target by 6.


It also adds the affect of "Moving Quickly", which causes the next Amanita Mushroom to only increase the targets turns by 3, instead of 6. Thus:


robotzombieautomaton is already moving quickly.

robotzombieautomaton has gained 4 turns!


"Moving Quickly" works in the manner of negating one action that would normally cause a ninja to have the "Iced" effect. See: Caltrops for more info on "Iced".

Comments (1)

Eric Blade said

at 8:40 pm on Sep 29, 2012

As of 29Sept2012: After "Moving Quickly" effect has taken place the targets turns are increased by 2 ... Ex. daisygirl is already moving quickly ---> diasygirl has gained 3 turns ... but only 2 turns actual go towards the ninja while 1 turn is used to account for the action of increasing the turns.

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