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Skills for All Ninja

Attack - A simple, quick attack, where you and your opponent both fight for a moment.

Duel - A long attack that ends only when you or your opponent are dead.

Sight - View the specific details of another ninja, with a turn cost.

Stealth - Become immune to certain normal combat attacks until you attack yourself, or until you next receive turns. Your first strike after being Stealthed will cause additional damage.

Unstealth - Stop sneaking and being Stealthed.

Deflect - Double your damage while dueling.

Steal - Steal gold from an opponent.

Cold Steal - Steal turns from an opponent, taking some of them for yourself.

Harmonize - Use some of your Ki energy to heal yourself.

Stalk - Stalk your prey in the open, increasing your strength, at the expense of speed and a bit of stamina.

Dragon Ninja

Primary Skill: Chi - Increased healing at the shrine.

Aux Skill: Moonlight Heal - Increases the hitpoints gained at midnight.


Tiger Ninja

Primary Skill: Fire Bolt - Inflicts Damage based on Ninja Level

Aux Skill: Blaze - Adds extra damage during attacks, using extra turns.


Crane Ninja

Primary Skill: Ice Bolt - Decreases an enemy's turns.

Aux Skill: Speed - Increases turns gained over time.

Aux Skill: Kampo - Create tiger Salves from ginseng roots


Viper Ninja

Primary Skill: Poison Touch - Poison an enemy, causing them further damage over time.

Aux Skill: Hidden Resurrect - When you die and resurrect, you will come back to life Stealthed.


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