Gameplay Rules


Multiplaying is actively using two or more characters.

Players using multiple characters, especially those using them to gain unfair advantage other players, will have their accounts suspended.

Penalty: Suspension of all accounts involved in the multiplaying.


Bugs are aspects of the game that are obviously broken and unbalanced

Players finding and being the first to report bugs descriptively enough to allow them to be fixed will be rewarded. Silently abusing a bug to gain unfair advantage over other players will result in suspension of your account. Clans with leaders who abuse bugs will necessarily be disbanded.

Penalty: Suspension of account.


Spamming is

Spamming, whether in the chat room or on the forum, is annoying and always unnecessary. Newbies may not know enough not to spam, tell them not to. Spammers will either become unable to access the place that they spam on, or their accounts will be suspended, whichever proves necessary.

First Offense: Warning.

Second Offense: Loss of messaging capabilities or suspension of account.



Other than that, kill each-other and have fun.