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Annihilate's Gameplay Tutorial


As a new ninja you start with 180 turns (energy needed to execute attacks). Until you reach level 6 don't worry about how many times you die. Your goal is to level up and get stronger so click "Ninjas" and find another level 1 ninja to kill. Check the "Duel" box and click attack to fight him to the death to conserve turns (attacking normally would take many turns!).


If you die, click "Heal" or "Shrine" to revive and duel the same ninja. Kill 5 ninjas to fill your Exp bar and you will automatically level up. The sooner you level up, the more damage you will be able to do, and you also GAINED 50 TURNS! Keep killing level 1 ninjas and growing stronger. Once you've gained some levels (Level 5 is a decent level), try attacking some thieves for some Shurikens.

Check the "Doshin" for wanted ninjas and if you spot one that is "5000" or at least a couple thousand click their name. Attack them with shuriken to weaken them, and kill them to get the bounty. Buy lots of "Amanita Mushrooms" and also some Shurikens as fast as you can because if someone kills you you will lose most of the gold quickly. Use the mushrooms on yourself from your inventory to regain some turns, or stockpile them for later.

***Note: Veteran Red Ninja Balsac believes ALL 180 turns and turns gained from leveling up should used dueling and leveling up as much as possible until ALL turns are used up. Bounty hunting should be left until another day or until you have more turns with this strategy.




  • If you are a Viper Ninja (AKA BLACK NINJA) utilize your Poison Touch skill to collect bounties. It can do as much as a level 20 ninja using shurikens! 
  • If you collect a bounty and an enemy ninja kills you before you can spend your gold, wait a minute or two before you revive to spend your gold; they might be waiting for you to revive so they can take more of the gold!
  • Murmkuma says: If you are new and want to start a clan... join one first and see how things work, build a reputation and then start a clan, most new clans fail quickly.

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