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Rename the Links for Black/Blue/Red/White to Viper-Black, Crane-Blue, etc.

Ninjawars Tutorial: NewbieTutorial






How to play:

The game is mainly one of fighting against other ninja. Once you are a ninja, you can:

  • Kill townsfolk (click on the combat link, and then click the link for a thief, villager, or merchant, the easiest targets).
  • Kill other ninja! (click on the "ninjas" link and go the last page, click a ninja, and then click "attack" to attack them)
  • use your skills or items to make more effective attacks.
  • If you die, just drag your ghost to the shrine and the monks will bring you back! (click on the "health bar")
  • You can buy items to help your attack at the shop, but you'll need to work in the fields to get gold to afford anything.
  • Once you get enough kills, you can level up at the dojo.


Skills all Ninja get


Ninja types: Viper-Black , Crane-Blue , Tiger-Red , Dragon-White


NPCs: Villager , Merchant , Thief , Emperor's Guard , Samurai


Objects: Shuriken , Amanita MushroomSmoke Bombs Phosphor Powders Caltrops , Dim Mak Scroll



The Art of War: How to be a Ninja.


Fair Use Rules

Admin: Beagle Tchalvak

Development History

Ninjawars *Ninja Map*

*Ninjawars2* on Myspace

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